We use an app called 'Class Dojo' and Tapestry to instantly send updates and reminders to parents. This may include sharing updates, a snap or a picture of students working on an activity, as well as sharing lessons and assigning classwork to pupils.

Tapestry builds a very special record of a child’s experiences, development and learning journey through their early years education. Using photos, videos and diary entries, our teachers, along with the child’s parents, ‘weaves’ the story of the child and how they are growing and developing.

Parents have the option to provide feedback and share their appreciation with 'Likes'!

Daily Information

Daily photos are taken of activities, story and circle times, special events etc. and are displayed in the reception area, in the form of a ‘slide show.’ This is supported by written information about what we have been doing on the white board. Please take a few minutes when you arrive/depart to see what we have been doing.

Meetings and socials

Parent/carer socials are held at least once a term. These provide opportunity for families to meet each other, to discuss any issues or changes that have taken place recently within the setting and to informally chat with members of the nursery staff team. Sometimes the socials have a definite focus, for example feeding back to parent/carers about the EYFS or discussing new policies. At other times they are much more about getting together and having a nice time! We provide refreshments. In the summer we also hold a family picnic in the nursery garden and a fun run where families are encouraged to come along and join in.


The nursery encourages feedback from parent/carers on our practice and procedures, verbally through day to day communications and at socials, meetings and consultations. A suggestions box is made available and an annual questionnaire is provided.


All parent/carers will be offered an initial consultation with their key person 6-8 weeks after starting at the nursery. Additional consultations will be arranged as needed throughout the nursery year. A final consultation will be offered to all parent/carers in the child’s last term at nursery. Consultations give parent/carers the chance to speak with their key person, other than on a daily basis away from the children.

Transfer Document

At the end of the term before children enter school or leave the nursery, key persons, using information gathered in children’s Learning Journals, will fill in a transfer document. This form identifies the levels within the Foundation Stage that are currently being planned for the child. Once parent/carers have seen the form and made optional comments, it is sent to the child’s school to assist the reception class teacher in planning for the children’s needs.