Here are some tips that we find help us make toilet training a success.

  • Please discuss with your children’s Key Person how you are approaching toilet/potty training at home.
  • Your child may want to bring their own potty to the nursery.
  • Let us know the words your children use e.g. wee, poo.
  • Or other forms of communication they may use e.g. signing or use of pictures.
  • Overall we find pull-ups are too similar to nappies and having the experience of wearing pants works best.
  • Dress your children in clothes that are easy to pull down and up. Jogging trousers or leggings are ideal.
  • Avoid belts, braces, dungarees, long dresses or skirts, tricky fastenings at the waist of trousers and jeans.
  • Accidents are likely to happen while the children are still learning so please provide spare clothes.
  • Think about foot wear too, spare shoes maybe needed as shoes can get wet and need time to dry. Depending on the season shoes that can be washed and dried easily such as jelly shoes or trainers may help.
  • Chat with us about how the training is going so we can learn from each other and review progress.
  • Consider your journey to and from nursery and this is when a pull up/nappy might be useful.