We are happy to administer prescription medication (and long term medication, such as an inhaler or eczema cream) at the nursery, provided your child is well enough to attend nursery and the staff team have sufficient information and training to do so.

All medicines brought into nursery will need to be recorded and we will require your signature to authorise the administration. All medicines must be in the original container, labelled with your child’s name, thedosage required and the date that it was prescribed. Any medicines not meeting these criteria cannot be administered.

We are not able to administer the first dose of a prescribed medicine. Therefore, children must have had the first dose at home a minimum of twenty four hours prior to coming to nursery.

The nursery provides Calpol, a temperature reducing medicine, which will be given as per the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations, provided you have given your written consent on the nursery contract. We will contact you by telephone prior to the medicine being administered. We will only administer one dose per day for a maximum of two consecutive days. If your child’s temperature does not reduce, or rises again later in the day, you will be contacted and asked to collect your child from nursery.