Key Person

Each child/family at Edenfield Nursery is assigned a key person and the specific aspects of that role are stated below.

The role of the key person is to:

  • Take a pro-active role in encouraging and entering into a partnership with the child and their parent/carers.
  • Be the initial point of contact for the child and parent/carers at the settling in time.
  • Explain how staff work co-operatively to meet the needs of all children.
  • Ensure that all children are ‘known’ and to develop a special awareness of key children. To achieve this through working alongside them in a balance of adult-led, freely chosen and child- initiated activities, through indoor and outdoor play. By making observations and by exchanging information and knowledge with parent/carers, other staff members and should the need arise with other professionals
  • Adhere to an agreed Learning Journal standard (see Learning Journal Guidance below),
  • Seek to engage and support parent/carers in guiding their child’s development at home by sharing ideas for the child’s ways forward
  • Help families engage with more specialist support if appropriate
  • Speak with parent/carers at the initial and other parent/carers and staff consultations
  • Adhere to all the requirements of our Staffing Policy.