Helping in the Nursery

The nursery recognises that parent/carers are their children’s first and continuing educators and we believe that children benefit most from pre-school education and care when parent/carers and the nursery work together in partnership.

Part of the nursery ethos is to work in partnership with parent/carers and this can involve participating in the nursery day. We recognise that you are all busy people and it may be that you cannot offer any or very little time, this is perfectly understandable. However if you would like to help, please be assured that you will always be welcome. In line with our Safeguarding Children Policy and Procedures no adult, who hasn’t been DBS checked, will have unsupervised access to the children while they are at the nursery.

Some examples of things that would be beneficial to us that you may be happy to do:
  • Read/tell stories to one or two children,
  • Play alongside children at the: dough table, car mat, train truck, puzzle table or in the role-play area etc.
  • Play games such as dominoes with small groups of children,
  • Share any skills, knowledge and or interest’s you may have e.g. ICT, sports, languages.
  • Demonstrating and talking about any relevant hobbies or interests,
  • Helping with art and craft activities, sewing, woodwork, use of tools for making and designing, cooking or computer skills,
  • Helping us in the garden with planting and maintaining the areas,
  • Helping to clean and mend equipment and tidying up areas etc.
  • Bringing in items of interest to show others and collections of natural things e.g. leaves, shells, conkers etc.
  • Accompanying us in taking small groups of children to borrow books from the library or visit the garden centre etc.
  • Sharing with us children’s news for our diary wall e.g. family outings, holidays, visits to the dentist etc.
  • Helping out at social events, staff and group meetings.
We welcome the contributions of parent/carers, in whatever form these may take.