Childcare Vouchers

Your employer can provide you with childcare vouchers which can be used towards the cost of qualifying childcare. The amount you can receive in childcare vouchers without having to pay tax or NICs will depend on when you joined your employer’s scheme and on the level of pay you receive from your employer.

Further information about childcare vouchers can be found at

When you pay for some of your childcare with vouchers, it may take some time for the payment to be made by your employer or your childcare voucher provider. Therefore, you need to authorise payment of the voucher before your childcare payment is due. Usually five working days is sufficient, but this will depend on the particular voucher scheme. Contact your employer or the voucher provider for more information.

Please ensure that your child’s name and unique nursery reference number are quoted by the voucher company to enable us to allocate the payments correctly to your account.

Please note that regardless of whether your fees are paid in full or in part using childcare vouchers, they are still due in full by the first of the month. Vouchers received late will be put towards the following month’s fees and any unpaid amounts remaining on your account on the first of the month will be subject to late payment charges. We accept electronic vouchers from most voucher scheme operators, including Edenred.